Financial Asset Valuation(PRIS)

Benefits and Advantages

1.  The system can go live within three months to quickly increase the efficiency of your daily asset quality assessment.

2.  Data are uploaded and computed automatically; little to no human intervention is required.

3.  Streamlined user interface gives you a superior user experience.

4.  TEJ’s database draws from comprehensive sources with a high market adoption rate.

5.  Our models are highly transparent with every detail of the assessment process listed in the technical manual.

6.  The system allows for flexible configuration and adjustment of parameters and models for ease of calculation.

7.  Download reports anytime to keep track of historical assessment results.

8.  We offer training, tech support, and user manuals at no additional cost to ensure that you know how to operate the system and understand the assessment methods for various financial instruments.

9.  Our after-sales service guarantee means that you don’t have to worry about technical issues or trouble understanding assessment results.

10. We are open to working with clients to develop assessment tools for new instruments.