Market Risk Analysis (Censrisk™)

Benefits and Advantages
  1. Highly comprehensive database sources with a high market adoption rate
  2. Evaluation results that can be traced back to their corresponding transactions
  3. Automatic screening and filtering of stocks with an insufficient sample size
  4. Transparent models that allow for independent verification (including sensitivity analysis)
  5. Flexible configuration of parameters and models (quick, simultaneous setup and computation)
  6. A wide range of risk analysis reports for every aspect of management and decision-making
  7. Ability to consolidate reports into groups based on user preferences
  8. A trilingual user interface for ease of navigation
  9. Two system onboarding training sessions (including introduction to asset risk values) and a comprehensive user manual
  10. Continued support and updates from the TEJ Risk Management Division
  11. Ability to grant different privileges to accounts