about us
Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ) is the largest local financial information company in Taiwan. Founded in 1990, TEJ is committed to providing businesses with necessary information for fundamental financial market analysis as well as comprehensive consulting services and solutions that cover credit/market risk management, asset valuation, investment analysis, and corporate governance. As the financial industry diversifies and grows more complex, TEJ continuously innovates by working with experts from academia and industry to integrate new technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) into its products. Our client base includes domestic tertiary educational institutions, banks, investment companies, and integrated securities brokers, as well as foreign-owned securities brokers.
TEJ Risk Analysis Solutions
Censrisk™ Market Risk Analysis Tool
  • Highly comprehensive database sources with a high market adoption rate.
  • Transparent models that allow for independent verification.
  • A wide range of risk analysis reports for every aspect of management decision-making.
PRIS Financial Asset Valuation Tool
  • Fully automated assessment process—data are uploaded and computed automatically.
  • Flexible configuration and adjustment of parameters and models for ease of calculation.
  • Inclusion of the newest and latest financial instruments to address clients’ modeling concerns.
BIS Capital Requirements Management System
  • Timely updates of ratio calculation methods in accordance with official regulations.
  • Differential permissions for streamlined control and oversight of every department’s asset exposure.
  • Advanced, department-by-department analysis of asset risk equivalents.
[Tech Expo] NCCU x TEJ at COMPUTEX Taipei 2019
今年台北國際電腦展(COMPUTEX)於5月28日至6月1日南港展覽館二館展出,科技部國際產學聯盟(Global Research & Industry Alliance, GLORIA)鼓勵大學結盟國內外一流廠商,加速與全球產業供應鏈接軌,並強化產業與學校合作效能,將產業需求帶回學界,希望能透過產學合作提供產業創新思維。政大金融科技國際產學聯盟也參加展出,結合科技與商業模式,展現多元前瞻學研成果,為金融服務提供整合式解決方案。 GLORIA專館集結18所學校,於5月29日舉行盛大開幕儀式,科技部長陳良基、政治大學王文杰副校長、政大國際產學聯盟王儷玲營運長、及其他十七所國際產學聯盟大學長官等蒞臨會場。在科技部長帶領之下,王文杰副校長與其他國際產學聯盟學校進行專館啟動儀式。隨後進行每校展攤導覽,政大國際產學聯盟營運長王儷玲向陳良基部長介紹政大金融科技研究技術成果。政治大學國際產學聯盟聚焦發展金融科技前瞻領域,於COMPUTEX展覽內發表五項技術成果,包括國際產學聯盟王儷玲營運長與博斯資訊安全公司(BaaSid)合作去中心化的認證應用與資料保存解決方案、商學院金融科技研究中心謝明華副主任與凱基銀行合作AI預測模型、物聯網機器人創新實驗室蔡子傑執行長發表穿戴裝置提供娛樂性與陪伴功能技術成果、以及大數據分析應用實驗室林士貴執行長與台灣經濟新報公司(TEJ)合作發表PRIS金融資產評價系統與API在投資風險管理的應用。 政治大學金融科技出色的技術成果,在COMPUTEX科技部專館內成為最為吸睛的展攤,開幕後獲得多家海內外公司進行商談,商業交流收穫豐碩,足見政治大學國際產學聯盟金融科技的研發實力,創造最具權威的台灣金融科技交流平台,為台灣金融產業轉型提供最佳充沛能量。